November 22, 2016

About Us

Sabre Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an edutech startup that actively engages with all types of academic institutions, private organizations and government entities within research and education to support their continued innovation and development by providing them with leading edge intelligent solutions, information resources and expertise support. Established in 2016, Sabre is based out of Bangalore and Mumbai. Sabre works closely and collaboratively supporting faculty at universities, researchers in organisations and corporations, and any institution with a need for intelligently and efficiently managing research and education needs..

Helping your growth
We are a team of committed industry professionals and ex-IITians, who have several years experience in the research and software industry. Our network extends far beyond our management and staff, so we are able to access expertise and specialist technology at many levels to support our work. We believe that innovation and passion to excel are the drivers of success – they help us improve ourselves, our organization, our country – and ultimately this world that we all share. We work to build long-lasting, trusted relationships that are mutually beneficial. We strive to improve on our strengths and work on weaknesses through continuous feedback support. We are a commercial organization with a strong social mission too. Our vision, mission and values guide everything that we do.